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As a Marketer…

As a marketer I’ve heard the following statement more times than I can count.  Everybody at some points seems to believe that “I cannot be marketed to” or “marketing just doesn’t work on me”. 

I always laugh, because come on… marketing works on everyone!  

Next time you hear someone say either of those statements (or a variation of them), ask that person about a car you’re thinking of buying, or maybe what type of computer to use (always get the geeks going with Mac VS. PC), or any other product recommendation. 9 times out of 10, they’ll be reciting something they heard off of Facebook or the even a commercial itself.

My personal favorite is when they say “marketing doesn’t work on me” and then a few minutes lately, they follow it up with “Oh man, I really want INSERT PRODUCT NAME HERE”.  

Marketing works on EVERYBODY, no matter who you are. No matter your age, religion, or creed.  Whether you’re fat or skinny, tall or short, you will be marketed to and believe me, it will work.

You don’t believe me yet? Well, let’s break it down - 

In it’s most basic form, marketing is nothing more than understanding the human psyche and creating an emotional response to the product or service marketed.  People will never buy a product or a service… they buy the FEELING, and the STATUS associated with it.  They buy into the emotions, that “I have to have it” feeling.  

Marketing is nothing more than figuring out what makes people feel good, what makes them feel bad, and what will allow them to feel great. Even if these feelings only last for a short time.  

When you REALLY break it down to its simplest form, keywords are nothing more than emotional triggers. Things that spark a reaction to an action. The only difference is without people knowing this, the reaction is controlled via the action.  

Does that mean that every type of marketing works on every person?  

No - of course not.  

For example, I am a sucker for direct-response (and I work in direct-response… ha).  I see those TV Informercials and I am suckered into them.  My co-workers though? Nah, they seem to resist the urge.  Which is why my house is filled with made-for-TV products, whereas their house is not. Well, they might Happy Hot Dog man - I don’t care who you are that is the greatest direct response commercial ever made… Everyone needs one of those things. Anyways…

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that - Yes, you can be marketed to. Even more interesting, most of those people who claim they cannot be, are the first to buy into any feeling that you’re selling.

So, live it up!  Market to everyone, and make sure you make them FEEL the product or service because in the end, that’s all that matters!

- John 

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